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New Diesel Oil Grade Also Covers Farm Machinery

The new American Petroleum Institute (API) heavy-duty diesel oil category that will hit the marketplace in December 2016 has been designed for use in both on- and off-highway equipment, says Shawn Whitacre, a senior staff engineer with Chevron Oil. “API CK-4 category engine oils will be backward compatible with API CJ-4 and API CI-4 Plus oils and will meet the needs of new and older engines in both on- and off-highway applications,” he adds. 

Whiteacre notes that there has been misinformation spread that the new Proposal Category 11 (PC-11) oil will only work in on-road vehicles. “This misinformation is most likely due to the fact that the new performance category will actually be a split category: API FA-4 and API CK-4,” he explains. “Both categories are designed to provide superior performance over the current category of oil (API CJ-4).”

API CK-4 would most likely be recommended for farm tractors that are currently using API CJ-4 oils, explains Kevin Ferrick of the API Engine Oil Program. "API FA-4, on the other hand, most likely won’t be recommended for tractors. "API FA-4, on the other hand, is currently only recommended for on-highway trucks."

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