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Survey Reveals Farmers Support Data Bank Concept

A recent survey by the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) reveals that 71% of farmers are interested in having access to a central repository where they can store and control their data. Of those surveyed, 82% say having a voice in the management of that repository is important.

“What they found is encouraging for the ongoing Agricultural Data Coalition (ADC) effort,” says Matt Bechdol, ADC executive director. “That is exactly what ADC was formed to do: Give farmers control of their data so they can focus on decisions – not data management – and work with their trusted partners to deliver innovation.”

However, he points out that there are still challenges in the data landscape, including educating farmers about the ADC and how maximizing the use of data can benefit their operations. 

“The AFBF survey has some interesting results there, too, which show success among the farmers who are currently utilizing their farms' information,” says Bechdol. “Of the farmers storing and using data, 83% say it helps them improve their business decisions, nearly three quarters of respondents say it improves yields, and six in 10 agree it boosts operational efficiency.”

Those positive remarks are just the beginning, as ADC streamlines the data-management process and flow of information.

“This will unlock the possibilities and ease of use that simply don’t exist today,” he says. “ADC is proud to have the Farm Bureau as a founding member, and we are confident that the collaboration – which brings farmers, universities, agricultural and commodity organizations, machinery and technology companies, and agricultural retailers and suppliers together – will revolutionize agriculture.”

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