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Sponsored: Weed Resistance Strategies That Include Multiple Modes of Action

The purpose of this study was to evaluate various pre-emergent herbicides and their effectiveness in controlling weeds. 

Here is a summary of Beck's Practical Farm Research (PFR)® pre-emergent herbicide study in 2015.

“Cool, wet soil conditions in the spring of 2015 were perfect for increasing the occurrence of PPO group 14 herbicide injury. When setting up this trial we tried to mimic several popular pre-emerge soybean programs. All the treatments, with the exception of Boundary®, had a PPO component added to the mix, accounting for the population increase in that treatment. Be advised that plots are typically done in low weed pressure environments. In an environment with resistant weeds, our control may have suffered yield loss due to weed pressure. We must all promote weed resistance strategies that include multiple modes of action, realizing in extreme weather conditions we may suffer slight yield reductions while preserving the effectiveness of our available chemistry.”  - Jim Love, Beck’s Herbicide Specialist

Click here for additional study details or download Beck's entire PFR book here

Beck's Hybrids PFR program conducts more than 75 different studies across multiple locations (500+ acres) to learn how different management practices and new technologies perform in field environments. Simply put, it is research focused with the farmer in mind.

Practical Farm Research (PFR)® is a registered trademark of Beck's Superior Hybrids, Inc

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