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WinField Collaborates With Google To Help Farmers Get More Answers From Data

WinField is teaming up with Google Cloud Platform and Cloud Technology Partners to build its Data Silo. This cloud-based data-management system helps farmers work with their retail partners to optimize the value of their agronomic tools and to make data-driven decisions.

“In order to see revolutionary progress in agriculture technology, we must make it easy for the industry to widely adopt and use it,” says Teddy Bekele, vice president of IT, WinField. “We’re finding the right people to help us develop advanced technologies that will help our retailers and farmers access the latest technology, readily manage their field data, and help them use that data in new ways.”

Advanced technology made simple

By combining Google’s public cloud computing and data analytics products with WinField’s Data Silo, farmers are able to unify and securely store multiple data streams under a single platform. Farmers can now efficiently access their data, gain deeper intelligence on their crops, and quickly make decisions to help optimize their yield potential.

With Google, farmers are able to manage geospatial shape files of farm fields. For example, different agronomic markers – such as applied maps, yield maps, and field-input prescriptions – typically mean a different map file with different boundaries for the same field and farmer. However, farmers can use the WinField Data Silo to overlay these pieces of geospatial information and choose which aspect to examine at any given point in time.

The WinField Data Silo also allows farmers to actively move their data between applications and to share it with trusted advisers. 

“Google Cloud Platform has specific capabilities that allow us to solve problems we couldn’t address before,” says Bekele. “In this instance, we’re helping farmers use data science without the traditional complexity of information technology.”

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