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Cool metalworking tools

ESAB Rebel 285 Welder

Both one- and three-phase versions of the ESAB Rebel EMP 285ic multiprocess welders are now offered. Weighing 70 pounds, the one-phase version provides a rated output of 285 amps at a 40% duty cycle with maximum output of 300 amps. The three-phase welder provides a rated output of 285 amps at 50% duty cycle with a maximum output of 350 amps. Either version can be used for MIG, flux-cored, DC stick, and TIG welding. Go to

Wilton Tradesman Vise

Extra Heavy-Duty Vise

Available in jaw widths of 4½, 5½, 6½, and 8 inches, Wilton’s Tradesman vise is upgraded with a spindle nut anchored at the rear of the vise rather than fixed in the center. This design provides an even, straight-line pull while increasing clamping force. The vise is equipped with replaceable, serrated jaw inserts and pipe jaws. It also offers an oversize striking anvil. Plus, the vise’s 60,000-psi body, jaws, and base are virtually indestructible. Retail prices range from $479.99 to $979.99. Go to

Millermatic welders
Miller Millermatic 255 MIG and Multimatic 255

Expanded Welder Line

With Millermatic 255 MIG and Multimatic 255 multiprocess welders’ programmable memory settings, you can save and recall favorite weld settings. Auto-Line technology allows for any single-phase input voltage hookup (208 to 240 volts for the Millermatic 255, and 208 to 575 volts for the Multimatic 255) with no manual linking. The multiprocessor Multimatic 255 welder delivers MIG, stick, DC Lift-Arc TIG, and pulsed MIG capabilities. Compatible push-pull MIG guns increase your productivity by allowing the use of 12-inch wire, reducing downtime from changing wire spools. The optional EZ-Select MIG gun lets welders change programs by tapping the trigger. With optional EZ-Latch running gear, both welders are easy to move around the shop or in the field. 

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MagTab Jumbo Welding Hold

Jumbo Welding Holds

The MagTab Jumbo holds tabs, gussets, steel plates, and odd-shape pieces of steel in position for welding. The tool’s adjustable magnetic V-pad base holds securely on flat, round, or angled surfaces, allowing for a tack-welding setup of parts at any point, parallel or perpendicular to the substructure surface. With a maximum pull force of 35 pounds, the MNT15 retails for $29.99. Go to

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