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Revisit the past with vintage Successful Farming covers

Since our first issue in October 1902, the covers of Successful Farming magazine have depicted all aspects of farm life, including crops, livestock, machinery, and family. Browse these collections and take a look back in time.

Celebrate spring


Spring is a time of hope on the farm. In this classic farm scene from May 1927, the farmer is perched on his tractor, hard at work planting his crop. Note the steel wheels on his tractor. Rubber tires weren't widely used on tractors until the early 1930s.

Honoring Mom

June 1926

Take a walk down memory lane and see how mothers and grandmothers were depicted on the cover of Successful Farming magazine in the early 20th century. Magazine and clothing styles may change over the years, but a mother’s love is forever.

School days

1939 september

From the very first issue of Successful Farming in 1902, our magazine has been about more than just livestock, crops, and machinery. The quality of life of farm families has always been an important topic, including the education of farm children. These beautiful covers ranging from 1902 to 1959 provide a glimpse into school days of the past.

Harvest time

November 1964

While technology and techniques have certainly changed since the mid-1900s, farmers still plan and pray for a successful and safe harvest. That will never change. See how harvest was depicted on our covers in the 1940s, '50s, and '60s.

Wartime covers

December 1941

Here, a soldier identified as Private Jim Lucas of Kansas opens a delivery from home. The box contains wrapped gifts, homemade goodies, and a framed photo of Mother. 

Give thanks


After the harvest is complete, it's time to give thanks. This cover from November 1927 is so comforting. Mom looks beautiful as she pulls the Thanksgiving turkey out of the oven, and Junior is the first to taste-test the bird.

Merry Christmas!

December 1929 SF cover

Browsing through historical issues of Successful Farming magazine gives us a glimpse into the lives of farm families and Christmases past. Take some time to look at the details in each of these works of art from 1910 through 1945.

Revisiting a cover girl 75 years later

Darlene Graf now

In the May 2018 issue of Successful Farming magazine, an article on the important role of farm women during wartime included a photo of our September 1943 issue, with 17-year-old Darlene Graf on the cover. She helped run her family’s Nebraska farm when the hired man left for a Defense job, as many hired men did. A friend of Darlene's put us in touch with her, and we interviewed her 75 years after her first appearance in Successful Farming.

Compare and contrast


Take a look back at 12 topics Successful Farming has tackled over the years. See how much technology — and styles — have changed. Hover over the slider in the center of each comparison, then click and drag right or left to reveal the entire cover. 

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