5 Successful Farming listens to prepare for spring

Meteorological spring of 2021 is here. Check out these five radio segments to help you prepare your farm or acreage for the season.

1. Dormant lawn seeding

There are two times of year when it’s good to lay down grass seed in the yard. One is in the fall, and the other is right about now. John Fech is an extension educator at the University of Nebraska. He says UNL researchers did a study on late summer seeding versus seeding in late winter.

2. Therapeutic gardens

Do you find that after weeding a row of flowers you have more energy, or after harvesting vegetables you feel a sense of peace?  You’ve experienced the therapeutic benefits of horticulture. Being out in the garden can relax you, build self-esteem, and create a sense of place. Patty Cassidy, a registered horticultural therapist in Oregon, explains.

3. Volunteer corn

Thanks to last year’s wild weather, volunteer corn is going to be a big issue in 2021. Dean Grossnickle is an agronomic services representative with Syngenta. He recommends using mechanical control as your first defense.

4. Snow mold

When the snow melts, you might find a surprise in your grass. Fungi may have been growing undetected in the turf, leaving unsightly patches. Iowa State University Extension Plant Pathologist Mark Gleason says grass packed down under heavy snow is a perfect place for mold to grow.

5. Saturated buffers

Saturated buffers are a relatively new practice for improving water quality. They direct nitrates into the soil instead of the stream. Jim Jordahl, the program and operations director for the Iowa Agriculture Water Alliance, explains. 

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