A 'moving wall of dirt'

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    Shortly after arriving home from her job at National Sorghum Producers in Lubbock, Texas, late last week, Lindsay Kennedy stepped outside immediately to photograph the dust storm that was moving through town. "I just thought it was going to be like any other dust storm in Lubbock," she says. "Wrong."

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    "A huge, quickly moving wall of dirt was making its way through the Hub City," she says. "I stepped outside expecting to see the usually nasty Lubbock dust storm and saw this instead. Not only was it moving fast, it was moving right toward me."

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    So, Kennedy grabbed her camera and ran to her car, thinking she'd get out of town before the storm struck. "Wrong again," she says. Instead, she stopped in a nearby parking lot to survey the storm's approach.

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    "I was forced back in the car as the living, breathing monstrous wall of earth moved over me," she says, saying the storm "swallowed" both her car and nearby homes as it arrived. "I have never seen anything like this in my life."

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    Storms like this one are more common in the springtime months, Kennedy says. But, with the severe drought conditions west Texas has seen the last year, the landscape there is "dry as a bone with next to nothing holding the soil down," she adds.

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    "This dust storm was different," Kennedy adds. "It was almost biblical. It looked like the end of the world."

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    After making her way through Lubbock during the storm, Kennedy says she tried to follow the storm through the countryside, but it moved too quickly. "Now, there's a blanket of red soil on every car, house and business in the area," she says.

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Get a first-hand glimpse of a major dust storm that slammed Lubbock, Texas, recently.

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