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AccuWeather Predicts Corn, Soybean Yields Down

The latest AccuWeather 2019 crop production analysis affirms the belief that 2019 will be a down year for corn and soybean production, both in terms of quantity and quality.

AccuWeather analysts predict the 2019 corn yield will be 13.36 billion bushels compared to 14.42 billion in 2018, while the soybean yield will be 3.658 billion bushels compared to 4.543 billion bushels in 2018.

It would be the lowest corn yield since 2012, a year of significant drought that saw corn production numbers fall to 10.76 billion bushels. It would also be the smallest soybean yield since 2013 (3.357 billion bushels).

AccuWeather meteorologists added that corn and soybean harvests are still about a week or two behind where they should be, which makes them vulnerable to a frost.

AccuWeather predicts a 7.9% drop in soybean bushels per acre from 2018 and a 5.3% drop in corn bushels per acre.

Additional information on the poor 2019 yield for corn and soybeans is available here. 

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