After-Harvest Fieldwork

  • Chisel plowing

    Chisel plowing

    Depending on your production practices, this view may be familiar to you. Photo by Nick Zumbragel

  • Hauling


    If you've sold some of your crop, it's time to haul it to town. Photo by Kyle Schultheis

  • Installing field tile

    Installing tile

    For those concerned about field drainage, fall is an ideal time to install tile. Photo by Justin Rahn

  • Baling cornstalks

    Baling cornstalks

    If you bale cornstalks, moving them in the fall can eliminate extra field passes in the spring. Photo by Ben Jones.

  • Adjusting soil pH

    Adjusting soil pH

    Now's the time to spread lime if you need to adjust the pH of your soil. Photo by James Militello

  • Applying fall fertilizer

    It's safe to apply anhydrous ammonia with the ground temperature below 50°F. Photo by David Ekstrom.

There's plenty of work to complete after the crop is in the bin.

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