Agronomy Tip: Get the Most Efficiency Out of Fertilizer

“Available research data can tell us at what time, how quickly, and even how much nutrients a plant is going to take up, especially in some of the newer corn hybrids and soybean varieties,” Taylor Purucker, Crop Nutrition Lead at The Mosaic Company, says.

One of the ways to get the most efficiency out of fertilizer is by synchronizing the nutrient availability with crop uptake to ensure fertilizer is applied when the plants need it the most.

“Proper timing increases nutrient availability to the plant but it also helps reduce nutrient losses to the environment,” Purucker says.

Weather can also dictate when nutrients are available.

“We need moisture for the plant to take up nutrients, but too much can leach some of them. Consider the weather forecast when making your plans to apply fertilizer,” Purucker explains.

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