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Agronomy Tip: Identify and Manage Nutrient Deficiencies

Mike Sevey, Technical Sales Manager at The Mosaic Company recommends taking pictures of plants with nutrient deficiencies in the field.

“There are apps that you can use to see what visual deficiencies look like,” Sevey says. “Purdue Corn Field Scout and Soybean Field Scout costs only $5.99 and has quite a nice array of deficiency pictures. Mosaic’s site also has deficiency symptom photos.”

After you’ve identified plants with deficiencies, let the crop grow a little bit and then go back in and do some tissue sampling to see if it is due to the weather or if it’s a true deficiency. 

“If you've determined that there is a deficiency, you can top dress some nutrients that are mobile like nitrogen, potassium, boron, or sulfur over corn. You could also apply sulfur or potassium top dressed over soybeans.”

Sevey recommends these applications at the early vegetative states (V2 or V3). And if you take plant tissue samples, take them from the bad area and from a nearby good area for comparison.

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