Agronomy Tip: Invest in Proven Products

Sam Knott, Director of Central US Crops for Atticus, says in this tough economic climate, farmers have to watch every dollar they invest and cannot afford to sacrifice yield.

“The more bushels that are produced drops the cost to produce on a per acre basis, so farmers need to make sure that they're still making smart investments, especially later in the cropping cycle even into early August.”

Fungicides and insecticides may well be the last investment put into a corn or soybean crop.

“Farmers may choose to spray premium programs, but what we're seeing today is a lot of farmers coming in and asking for good, proven products that are maybe a more economical purchase for them,” Knott explains. “The good thing is our industry has many herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides that still give farmers a good yield increase without a high cost, lowering their return on investment, and making it a more profitable acre.”

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