Agronomy Tip: Measure Biomass in Your Fields

Ryan Moeller, Technical Seed Agronomist with WinField United recommends the R7 tool and field monitor tool to measure biomass accumulation in your fields.

“Green biomass will mean two things, either a weed problem or great plant health,” explains Moeller. “Once you get up to 10 leaves, the more biomass you have, the healthier the plant is and probably the most yield potential you have. We utilize the field monitoring tool to determine which fields to invest in; many times, the ones that look the best.”

In addition, the R7 Field Forecast Tool for crop modeling helps predict yield outcome. Moeller says this tool helps you understand in-season fertility needs, especially for nitrogen and potassium.

“You have to enter a lot of data, but once you do, it is going to give you a very accurate forecast of when you should apply nitrogen and potassium and how much you should apply. It's going to help you make a much more informed decision about when it is most valuable to do so. I say help because at the end of the day, the Field Forecast Tool helps start the discussion between a grower and their trusted advisor.”

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