Agronomy Tip: Mitigate Compaction with Tire Inflation Pressure

Brad Harris, Manager of Global Agricultural Field Engineering at Firestone Ag, recommends practices to help mitigate soil compaction caused by equipment in the fields.

Whatever inflation pressure is in the tire, the ground experiences at a 10% increase.

“Sometimes we want to put duals on a tractor because we need to carry that load and duals allow us to run at lower inflation pressures,” Harris explains. “This is important when we get into wetter springs and falls and run tillage equipment.”

And in no-till situations, it is still important to preserve the soil as much as possible.

“Even though we may only be pulling smaller equipment, we don’t need to waste the horsepower of our tractors,” Harris says.

From a cost standpoint, putting on duals and running the minimum inflation pressure in tires helps get the biggest footprint. This maximizes the tractive efficiency of the tires, allowing our tractors to utilize the horsepower while minimizing fuel usage.

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