Agronomy Tip: Nutrient Form Affects Uptake

Consider the form of nutrients to help you get the most efficiency out of your fertilizer application.

“Sulfur is a great example because there are a couple different forms,” Taylor Purucker, Crop Nutrition Lead at The Mosaic Company says. “Sulfate is a form that the plant takes up, which some fertilizers supply. When sulfate is applied close to when the crop is going to need it, that's good from an efficiency standpoint. But if we apply it too soon, there's potential for the sulfur to leach or immobilize into organic matter and it won’t be available to the plant.”

Purucker explains that elemental sulfur is another form that is not available to the plant because it takes time to oxidize into sulfate. If you’re considering applying elemental sulfur, it may be best to do so before for the crop will need it in order for it to be available.

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