Agronomy Tip: Prepare for Consequences of Dry Conditions

As many areas of the Midwest have had drier than normal weather this fall, keep in mind the establishment of cover crops, fall planted alfalfa, or winter wheat may have less biomass going into winter. If dry conditions remain, you could see the effects into spring as well.

Evaluating your acres this fall and winter via soil sampling is a great approach.

“With drier soils, fertilization may be different. If you soil sample in fall, but have an extremely wet winter (more than 8 inches of rainfall equivalent precipitation), you will some differences come spring for fertility program, especially Nitrogen,” says Dr. Megan Taylor, Extension Educator at University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

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Agronomy Tip: Tissue Testing

A soybean leaf. Tissue sampling over time, combined with yield data, can help you make a plan for your farm.