Agronomy Tip: Utilize Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers

One tool to increase nutrient availability to plants and support higher yields is enhanced efficiency fertilizers (EEF) designated by the Association of American Plant Food Control Officials (AAPFCO).

“AAPFCO designates these fertilizer technologies based upon their ability to increase nutrient availability while also reducing nutrient loss to the environment,” Taylor Purucker, Crop Nutrition Lead at The Mosaic Company explains. “So, when we think about soil health, sustainability, and being good stewards of our land, enhanced efficiency fertilizers are really important to help us obtain that.”

Purucker cites phosphate fertilizers like Sus-Terra fertilizer from The Mosaic Company that has 15% organic matter, 10% sulfur, and 30% of the nitrogen in a slow-release form that becomes available to the crop throughout the growing season.

“Sus-Terra fertilizer is qualified as an EEF because of the slow-release nitrogen but it’s also a soil health product because the organic matter feeds the microbes, stimulates microbial activity, increased nutrient efficiency, and leads to healthier soils,” Purucker says.

Fertilizer technologies can feed the soil and take care of it long-term.

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