Argentina harvest action

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    The Crop Expedition in Argentina is finding excellent soybean fields with exceptional recovery from an earlier drought while corn yields are showing more signs of stress, says market analyst Robson Mafioletti, who is traveling with the Gazeta do Povo Crop Expedition.

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    Corn harvest is underway on farmer Cladio Scaglia's farm near the city of Loma Grande in the Santa Fé province. It's one of the first corn fields to be harvested in Argentina this year.

  • 03

    This is the Parana River, where 80% of Argentine grain exports leave the country. This is the San Lorenzo Port, a terminal of the Association Cooperatives Argentina (ACA), where Mafioletti meets with Juan Piotto, Chief of the terminal. In 2010, the terminal exported 3.4 million tons of soybeans, corn, wheat and sorghum.

  • 04

    An ACA terminal receives fertilizer for the next crop of wheat and other winter cereals.

  • 05

    Here's an inspection of the quality of corn being exported to Colombia. This is corn harvested in 2009/10.

  • 06

    Here's a feedlot in the city of Pavon Arriba, Santa Fé. This lot is owned by Pavon Arriba Cereales S.A. "Argentine meat is very good because breeds of cattle are Aberdeen Angus and Hereford," Mafioletti says.

  • 07

    Members of the Gazeta do Povo Crop Expedition team share crop observations at the New Holland Argentina Expoagro, which is the largest agricultural show in the country.

  • 08

    Here's a soil example in Expoagro for students of agronomy and producers. This display shows a profile of Argentina's fertile soil and the benefits of tillage.

  • 09

    The Crop Expedition team visits with Minagri Sandra Occhiuzzi, Carlos Della Valle. The technicians expressed their partiality towards large Argentine soybean production this year.

(Photos by Jonathan Campos, RPC/Gazeta do Povo).

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