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BASF Launches Zidua SC Herbicide

Farmers have another tool to manage herbicide-resistant weeds.

Corn, soybean, and wheat growers in the U.S. have a new solution against resistant weeds — BASF’s Zidua SC (suspension concentrate) herbicide.

BASF officials say Zidua SC herbicide the same long-lasting weed control as Zidua herbicide, but in an improved SC liquid formulation. Labeled for corn, cotton, peanuts, soybeans, sunflowers, and wheat, Zidua SC helps growers improve handling and tank mixability, say company officials. 

Zidua SC herbicide also provides effective control on weeds resistant not only to glyphosate (group 9), but also to triazines (group 5) and ACCase (group 1), ALS (group 2), and PPO (group 14) inhibitors, say company officials.

“Resistant weeds continue to challenge growers who are requesting new tools to help manage their fields,” said Daniel Waldstein, BASF technical marketing manager, in a BASF news release. “Waterhemp and Palmer pigweed are especially difficult to control because they continue to emerge throughout the season. Our research trials have shown that Zidua SC herbicide provides up to two weeks longer residual control of these challenging weeds.”

Zidua SC herbicide offers the lowest use rate of any group 15 herbicide, say BASF officials. They add that this allows farmers to select the best rate for their fields. Increased application flexibility, from fall to early preplant to early postemergence in corn and soybeans, gives growers more options throughout the season, say BASF officials. 


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