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Bayer CropScience rolls out new products for 2011, beyond

New products for farmers are always popping at the Commodity Classic. Here’s a look at some products Bayer CropScience has coming down the pike in 2011 and the next few years. Bayer officials discussed these products at its 2011 Ag Issues Forum during this week’s Commodity Classic in Tampa, Florida.

  • Bayer is fully launching Capreno herbicide for corn in 2011. “Capreno is an early post one-pass program for grasses and broadleaf weeds,” says Jeff Springsteen, Bayer corn herbicide product manager.

Capreno is a premix of tembotrione (the active ingredient in Laudis) and thiencarbazone-methyl (the active ingredient in Corvus). Having two modes of action helps broaden its weed control spectrum and also forestall weed resistance to herbicides, says Springsteen. Adding glufosinate or glyphosate can add a third mode of action, he notes.

Capreno can be applied to corn up to the V5 stage. It can be tank mixed with glyphosate or glufosinate. Capreno provides five to six weeks of residual protection, says Springsteen.

Springsteen notes a future offering will include Capreno with Ignite (glufosinate).

  • Stratego YLD fungicide is a new formulation of new triazole chemistry teamed with strobilurin chemistry for 2011. Having two modes of action broadens disease control, says Randy Myers, Bayer CropScience fungicide product manager. He adds Stratego YLD also has unique plant surface retention and redistribution properties.
  • Poncho/Votivo, a seed treatment that protects against early-season corn insects and nematodes, will be fully launched in 2011.  
  • New herbicide traits coming down the pike to complement Bayer’s LibertyLink soybean trait features a trait tolerant to HPPD-inhibitor herbicides like BalanceFlexx. This gives farmers another mode of action to help manage weeds resistant to glyphosate, say Bayer officials. Bayer officials expect the HPPD-inhibitor tolerant trait to be on the market by mid-decade, pending regulatory approval. Plans are to eventually package this in a herbicide-trait triple stack in soybeans with LibertyLink, a glyphosate-tolerant trait, and an HPPD-inhibitor trait later this decade, pending regulatory approval.
  • A transgenic trait for fending off soybean cyst nematode. This trait is still early in Bayer’s pipeline. If all goes well, though, this trait would significantly lower both SCN and SCN egg counts in the soil, say Bayer officials.
  • Bayer is developing a new generation of broad-spectrum insect traits featuring multiple modes of action. Part of this research is a mode of action for a corn rootworm trait that is completely novel compared to current control measures, says Brian Vande Berg, Bayer CropScience senior scientist for corn and soy research.
  • Bayer plans to launch a new fungicide seed treatment worldwide for corn, soybeans and other crops for 2012 and beyond. Brand names are Ernesto and Emerion with the active ingredient penflufen.

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