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Kiss the Ground

Netflix film shows how sustainable farming helps fight climate change.

Kiss the Ground, a new documentary focusing on the connections between land use, soil degradation, and the ongoing climate crisis, is now available on Netflix. Based on a book of the same name, and directed by award-winning filmmakers Josh and Rebecca Tickell, the film shows how soil health is tied to the overall health of our planet, and how innovative practices such as regenerative agriculture can help renew ecosystems and, when applied at a global scale, combat climate change. 

Kiss the Ground explores the core ideas of regenerative agriculture, including:

  • Responsible management of land through reduced tilling, limits on nitrogen fertilizers, use of cover crops, and prioritization of animal and plant diversity.
  • Promotion of soil health to protect farms against extreme weather and create higher annual crop yields for farmers.
  • Support for agricultural carbon sequestration to reduce emissions and make farming carbon neutral.

As the benefits of sustainable farming become more and more clear, the regenerative agriculture movement is gaining momentum:

  • Last year, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change identified land use as responsible for nearly 25% of all global carbon emissions, and now lawmakers are taking action to reverse this trend.
  • The Growing Climate Solutions Act has been proposed in the U.S. Senate and would help reduce carbon emissions by making it easier for landowners to transition to sustainable farming and participate in carbon markets.
  • Kiss the Ground brings additional attention to these regenerative agriculture practices, which are already growing in popularity throughout the country.

“The answers we’ve been looking for to fight climate change are right under our feet. Regenerative agriculture is a way to use the planet’s own natural systems to rebalance our climate while meaningfully supporting the farmers and ranchers we all rely on every day,” say filmmakers Josh and Rebecca Tickell. “After nearly a decade of research and filming, we’re thrilled to bring Kiss the Ground, and its critical message of hope in fighting climate change, to people all over the world. We urge everyone to watch, understand, and most importantly, take action – there’s a role for everyone to play in this movement.” 

Kiss the Ground brings together a diverse coalition of scientists, farmers, and advocates to share this story, showcase the benefits of adopting regenerative agriculture, and build a movement aimed at renewing the planet’s ecosystems.

“We should be thriving, the planet booming with life and abundance and the healthiest generation walking the earth. Instead, we’re facing extreme weather and a food system in desperate need of change. Kiss the Ground lays out a path forward to a measurable drawdown of carbon from the atmosphere, increasing food security for future generations, and generating new economic opportunities and entrepreneurial activity,” Executive Producer Nicole Shanahan says. “The synergies are waiting for us, just beneath our feet, and I’m excited to see how the film brings this story to life and inspires people to take action.”

Kiss the Ground’s non-profit organization is turning support for the film into direct action by providing the public with advocacy and educational resources that will help transition 5,000 farmers to regenerative agriculture and train 25,000 environmental advocates and leaders in the next five years. To do this, the nonprofit has launched a new public challenge, which enables anyone to get involved by sponsoring farmers to support the shift to regenerative agriculture practices.

For more information about how to watch the film or join the Kiss the Ground movement, visit

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