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Listen Now: Successful Farming’s Soil Health Podcasts

Soil health has become such a popular topic in agriculture, you would think it was declared the “phrase of the year” by Merriam Webster’s Dictionary for 2018. OK, that’s a slight exaggeration.

As I go around talking with industry professionals, farmers, and other experts, it’s a topic that keeps coming up. It’s a complex one, and the subject is broad enough to allow everyone to have his or her own definition.

That was the reason our award-winning editorial team proposed a special issue on this topic as well as a podcast series. (You can read this 14-page section in the March issue of Successful Farming magazine or read the digital version here.)

The Successful Farming Podcast: Soil Health 2019 is a series of four podcasts on soil health and is available for download or streaming on your preferred podcast source – whether that’s iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, or others. You can also listen to the episodes below. Enjoy!

Soil Health with Zero Tillage

Back in the 1970s, no-till farming was about as rare as a day with no wind on the prairies of North Dakota and Manitoba, Canada. But farmers in the two nations came together to jointly work for a common goal. 

The Journey from Dirt to Soil

Gabe Brown struggled with Mother Nature. After 10 years of wet springs, dry summers, hailstorms, and bills to pay, Brown decided there had to be a better way. This is the story of his family’s journey to soil health, and the book he wrote to help others.

The Gateway to Cover Crops

Steve Groff is a pioneer in the cover crop movement. He was a driving force in the widespread adoption of radishes as a major component of cover crop blends around the world.

On the Front Lines

Doug Peterson is an NRCS Regional Soil Health Specialist. He is passionate about helping farmers solve resource concerns with their soils. Whether weeds, insects, or erosion, Peterson encourages implementing the right soil health principles for every farmer’s situation.

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