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Download past Corn High Yield Team stories

The Corn High Yield Team is
a group of crop specialists and experts offering tips and ideas to maximize
your corn yields. Click on the links below for PDF downloads of the stories,
and feel free to print them out for reference.


December 2011: 5 Questions
for 2012

Here are queries you may
have regarding 2012 corn production.


November 2011: Tested by Adversity

Rainfall, greensnap, and
frost face these North Dakota farmers.


October 2011: Halt Harvest

Save playing Where’s Waldo?
for the newspaper comics instead of your cornfields.


September 2011: Don’t Sweat
The Small Stuff

Dave Diedrich concentrates
on macro – not micro – factors.


March 2011: Corn High Yield

A twist on strip-till, twin
rows, and tramlines helps John Obery grow corn-on-corn.


January 2011: Corn High
Yield Team

Drainage keys agronomics for
these Minnesota farmers.


December 2010: Corn High
Yield Team

Managing nitrogen is key for
these South Dakota farmers.

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