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3-Year $12.07/A. Average ROI for P Max Plus™

This three-year study evaluated the yield and profitability of P Max Plus™ when compared to a standard in-furrow starter application of 7-22-5.
P Max Plus is a combination of P Max, which improves P uptake, and 7-20-3 ammonium polyphosphate liquid fertilizer and micronutrients. The P Max Plus treatment yield was 8.7 Bu./A. higher than the control. Three-year data demonstrates a positive return on investment (ROI) every year. However, this year’s $26.98 ROI is a significant increase from the norm. 
Agronomy Fundamentals
Very soon after application, phosphorus (P) converts to unavailable forms through the process of P fixation. 
• Generally, 20 percent less of the applied P is available in the first year of application
• There is little P movement in the soil
• P is generally lost through crop removal or soil erosion
• P remains in the rooting zone for later crops, becoming available over time 
Click here for additional study details or download Beck’s entire 2015 PFR book here
Beck's Hybrids Practical Farm Research (PFR)® program conducts more than 75 different studies across multiple locations (500+ acres) to learn how different management practices and new technologies perform in field environments. Simply put, it is research focused with the farmer in mind.
P Max™ Plus is a trademark of Midtech R&D, Inc. (Manufactured for: Rosen’s, Inc.) Practical Farm Research (PFR)® is a registered trademark of Beck's Superior Hybrids, Inc.
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