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4 Ways To Boost Corn Yields


you’ve hit a corn yield plateau? Here are some four ways to break through from
Bob Nielsen, Purdue University Extension agronomist.


Identify yield-limiting factors specific to your fields.

Is it drainage, soil compaction, or weeds? Correctly identifying such factors
and resolving them is needed to crack corn yield barriers.

Pay attention to every detail of every field operation and agronomic decision.

“These are the guys who pay attention to every little step along the way, and
document everything,” he says.

Develop agronomic skills and knowledge or hire those who have them.

This can help you make wise agronomic decisions.

Invest in new technologies that solve problems you actually have, or that
increase your overall economic farming efficiency.

If you suspect your field is infested
with harmful corn nematodes, for example, first make sure they are present at
economic threshold levels through a soil test before treating for them.

“A lot of people are ready to sell you a solution,”
he says. “Make sure you first have the problem.”

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