A crop at a crossroads

  • 01

    On a day when the grain markets screamed higher and opened the door to major volatility, I hit the road to see how things look in southern Iowa and northern Missouri. Here are a few snapshots.

  • 02

    I headed south through Indianola, eventually taking back roads through Centerville, Iowa, and eventually east of Unionville, Missouri, then back north through Ottumwa, Lynnville and Sully, Iowa. I would have created a little more specific map if I could remember the back roads I took!

  • 03

    This was the first tasseling field I saw in the morning, just east of Lacona in southern Warren County, Iowa. Though rainfall's been light in that area lately, this crop looked okay compared to other fields I would see later on.

  • 04

    Tassels were just starting to emerge. This field was about 7 feet tall. At about 7:00 in the morning, the leaves were fully open, though they showed signs of having curled quite a bit lately.

  • 05

    While I was in Russell, Iowa, just southeast of Chariton, this friendly guy wanted to jump in the car with me!

  • 06

    Though I was eyeballing the crops more than the livestock on this swing, I couldn't help but be awestruck by this herd just north of the Iowa-Missouri state line.

  • 07

    This field is representative of some of the more severe corn conditions in the nation's midsection. Though this field was hilly creek bottom ground, it still showed signs of almost zero emergence in some spots.

  • 08

    Though this field just north of Bloomfield, Iowa, looks like it's tasseling and pollinating well, it was at least a foot shorter than that tasseling field I'd seen earlier in Warren County. And by mid-day, the leaves were already starting to curl.

  • 09

    This field's just south of Sully, Iowa. It was just starting to tassel, mostly along the edges of the field.

  • 10

    Just like the field near Bloomfield, this one was noticeably shorter than the one I'd seen earlier near Lacona, and showed signs that it needs a good rain.

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