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Corn After Soybean Nitrogen Timing Study - Most Profitable: 2x2 followed by V3 sidedress treatment

To evaluate various nitrogen timings in a corn after soybean rotation. Application timings consist of preplant incorporated, 2x2 starter at planting, and various sidedress programs. This study is designed to evaluate timing efficiencies, nitrogen loss and yield. The control in this study is the 100% preplant incorporated treatment. All treatments in this study received a total of 180 lb./A. of nitrogen.

In recent years, split and 100% in-season nitrogen applications proved more profitable than 100% preplant incorporated (PPI). This year, all treatments followed that same trend except for the 100% V6 sidedress application. On average losses of $8.72/A. were realized when applying 100% of the nitrogen later in the growing season. Overall, the 2x2 followed by V3 sidedress treatment has been our most profitable program the last three years. Figure 1 illustrates the three-year multi-location yield gain and return on investment when compared to the 100% PPI control. For specific location results, please refer to the Nitrogen Timing Studies listed under each Practical Farm Research (PFR)®


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