Corn Production in China

  • Chinese production

    China is one of the world’s largest corn producers with nearly 220 million metric tons of output per year. However, farm sizes and yields differ greatly from the states. The average yield is 92 bushels per acre, and the average Chinese farmer has just 1.2 acres of land.

  • Corn leaf spot

    Corn leaf spot is one of the major diseases faced by Chinese farmers. It has the potential to devastate an entire crop.

  • Corn head smut

    Corn head smut is one of the diseases that has shown resistance in China.

  • Corn reserves

    The Chinese government buys massive amounts of corn for reserves. Current stocks are at 150 million metric tons.

  • Seed piracy

    Seed piracy is a top concern in the country, which is why BASF introduced a new anti-fake technology to tackle counterfeit crop protection products.

  • China soybean production

    Soybeans are not a major crop in China with production less than 12 million tons. The central government of China is working on bringing broadband Internet to the field. The goal is to give farmers better access to technology that allows them to sell produce right to the customer. In 2014, online transactions of ag produce in China reached $16.1 billion.

  • Rural exodus

    The Chinese government controls internal migrations and plans a rural exodus of 2.3 million people in the next few years.

A recent trip to China shed insights on the country’s farming challenges and opportunities.

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