Delta combines roll

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    Corn harvest is underway in the Delta, and despite the severe drought conditions in states like Arkansas, one specialist found better-than-expected yields in early action this week.

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    As of Monday, 6% of the corn crop in Arkansas was harvested, already well ahead of the normal pace. Usually harvest has yet to start by this week. And, just over half the crop is mature, according to USDA, compared to the previous 12% average.

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    Gus Wilson, University of Arkansas Extension Agent in Chicot County, Arkansas, says that area has great yield potential. "Dryland corn that is being harvested is yielding between 140-175 bu./acre. Irrigated corn yields are coming in between 165-260," he says.

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    Farmers in Prairie County, Arkansas, have also started corn harvest. "So far, so good,” says Prairie COunty Extension staff chair Brent Griffin in a university report. “Yields are from 150 to 230 bushels/acre. The higher yields are from fields that were taken very good care of.”

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    Wilson says corn harvesting is occurring as far north as Jefferson County, Arkansas. Also, although the Mississippi River is still navigatable, it is critically low. He said the levels are being closely watched. Going forward, the irrigated group-4 soybeans will be harvested in the next 10 days.

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    Wilson says those yields in irrigated university test plots ranged from 196 to 306 bushels/acre. “We have great yield potential. We had good moisture and cooler temperatures to aid the yield."

Corn harvest got started in the southeastern U.S. this week (photos & information by Gus Wilson & Mike McGinnis).

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