Detasseling: 5 Things to Love & 5 We Hate

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    Detasseling isn't the most widespread ag job, but in the heart of the Midwest, it's one of the most rewarding jobs that a high school student can take on. See what Nebraskans both young and old loved and (and hated) about their detasseling days.

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    Getting your tone (and tan) on. No machinery to tote you around + holding your arms above your head for 10+ hours a day = some ridiculously awesome muscle tone. Who needs gym equipment?

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    Finding wildlife in the field. Deer, rabbits, snakes, and mice are just a few of the critters with whom you get to share your workplace.

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    Earning the big bucks. Detasseling is a relatively easy and appropriate job for junior high and high school students. It pays great, and many employers will also pay out a pretty sweet bonus at the end of the season!

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    Making like-minded friends. The other detasselers spend hours upon hours going through the same sticky, humid, wonderful situations as you. No one else will understand your hilarious stories (or your corn rash pain) as much as those who work two rows over from you. 

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    Learning lifelong values. Anyone who’s detasseled before will undoubtedly have some great stories to share. (Who else has taken a nap in the cornstalks?) But they won’t hesitate to also mention the incredible values including hard work, perseverance, and work ethic.

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    While detasseling definitely sparks some great memories, not everything about the job is so glorious.

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    “The job detail in general was horrible. And mud, bugs, corn rash, humid, no air, did I mention mud? Haha” – Paul

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    “Wet and cold in the early morning, then hot and humid in the afternoon. What's not to love?!” – Danny

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    “One think I hated was aphids. Those things are nasty and you feel like they are crawling all over you the rest of the day if you happen to get a handful of them, which you will at some point.” – Bekah 

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    “Waking up that early...dealing with the mud...the wear and tear it has on your body (no matter what I do, I get Blisters every year). And the cold mornings...worst feeling in the world.” – Taliesin

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    “When you lose your shoe in the mud walking through a draw or pivot tire track- wet shoes and socks in general.” -- Ali

5 Things to Love About Detasseling (and 5 to Hate)

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