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Dow AgroSciences Announces Enlist Weed Control System


Dow AgroSciences’
new herbicide-tolerant system that includes tolerance to 2,4-D and
‘fop’ herbicides now has a new name.

Dow unveiled its

Control System at last week’s Commodity Classic. Dow formerly referred to the system
as Dow Herbicide Technology. The Enlist Weed Control System will also be
stacked with a glyphosate-tolerant trait and insect-resistant traits.
Commercial launch is slated in corn for 2013, followed by soybeans and cotton in future years, pending regulatory approval.


Dow also unveiled its Colex-D technology that will
be part of the system’s yet-to-be-named herbicide component. Off-target
movement due to volatility and drift has always been a knock against 2,4-D.
However, Dow officials say Colex-D addresses these concerns by featuring
ultra-low volatility, minimized drift, decreased odor, and improved handling
characteristics. Dow officials added the Enlist system’s  2,4-D component differs from 2,4-D formulations
like ester and amine now on the market.

“The challenge is the off-target issue (with
2,4-D), so I think this technology has lots of opportunity to mediate those
concerns,” says Bryan Young, a Southern Illinois University weed scientist.

“We are also spending significant resources in
understanding the best nozzles and best applications to use the technology,”
adds Damon Palmer, Dow AgroSciences U.S. commercial leader, Enlist Weed Control
System. Recommendations will be in place when the product is commercialized, he

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