Early Harvest Yields From Farmers

  • Corn Harvest in East-Central Illinois

    Harvest started last weekend on this farm in Arthur, Illinois, when corn was at 16% moisture. The earliest planted fields are seeing yields in the 225- to 250-bushels-per-acre range.

  • Corn Harvest in SE Michigan

    A farmer from Milan, Michigan, is seeing an average yield of 192 bushels an acre on his 101-day corn. Moisture levels are running at 23%.

    In a field with light soils that experienced some dryness throughout the growing season, an average yield of 150 bushels an acre was seen on a 96-day corn hybrid. That field of corn had a moisture level of 18%.

  • Soybean Harvest in North Central Indiana

    Soybeans started being harvested on this farm in Carroll County, Indiana, on Tuesday, September 13. Beans are coming in at moisture levels ranging from 11% to 12%.

    This Indiana farmer is putting his Asgrow 3X36 beans in the bins for now and is happy with how yields are looking.

  • Corn Harvest in South Central Iowa

    On a farm near Ackworth, Iowa, corn is being harvested at a moisture level around 20%. Yields are looking strong at about 200 bushels per acre. 

  • Corn Harvest in Central Nebraska

    A Broken Bow, Nebraska, farmer is seeing an average yield of 165 bushels per acre on dryland. The corn is being harvested at a moisture level of 26%.

  • Corn Harvest in Western Illinois

    A farmer in New Canton, Illinois, is harvesting corn at 17% moisture. His average yield is 205 bushels per acre.

  • Soybean Harvest in Northern Ohio

    This field of Ohio soybeans near Shelby, Ohio, was harvested on Monday, September 19. Beans looked very dry and yields were averaging around 50 bushels an acre.

  • Corn Harvest in NE Missouri

    A farmer in northeast Missouri got started harvesting on Monday, September 19. He started on his worst piece of land and saw average yields of 130 bushels an acre and moisture levels running in the 16s. Wind damage was also a factor for the field.

  • Corn Harvest in Southern Indiana

    A farmer in Daviess County, Indiana, started harvesting corn on Thursday, September 8. On the first day, his average yield was 180 bushels per acre and moisture levels were in the 16% to 18% range. 

    The first field harvested was hill ground with poorer, sandy soil. The yield this farmer saw was above average for that area.

  • Corn Harvest in South Central Kansas

    A farmer in south central Kansas is harvesting corn at 14.8% moisture and is seeing an average yield of 108 bushels per acre. 

  • Soybean Harvest in West Central Minnesota

    A farmer in Wheaton, Minnesota, is seeing soybeans come in at moisture levels anywhere from 12% to 14%. The average yield he's seeing is 55 to 60 bushels per acre on his farm near the borders of South and North Dakota.

  • Corn Harvest in East Central Iowa

    In Iowa County, Iowa, corn is being harvested at 26% moisture. This farmer is seeing 230 bushel per acre yields since harvest started on Tuesday, September 20.

  • Corn Harvest in North Central Illinois

    This farmer in Streator, Illinois, started harvesting corn the week following Labor Day weekend before he was rained out. Moisture levels ranged from 21% to 23% at that time.

Farmers from the Midwest and Corn Belt shared their early harvest data with us, as well as some of their best #harvest16 shots so far. 

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