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How to Halt Southern Corn Rust

fungicides added around tasseling time have done an excellent job in curbing
southern corn rust in Illinois.

 “If we see southern rust moving up to
Illinois around the Fourth of July, that is when we begin getting concerned
about it,” says Carl Bradley, University of Illinois (U of I) Extension plant
pathologist. “In 2009, it showed up early and caused yield losses at Dixon
Springs (where the U of I has a testing site) in southeastern Illinois.

good news? Applying a fungicide at tasseling or R1 (silking) does an excellent
job of protecting corn from southern rust. A 2010 U of I trial showed a field
treated with fungicide yielded 220 bushels per acre, dwarfing yields of an
untreated field by 40 bushels per acre.

a new tool you can use to project the progress of southern corn rust at, after which you go to the
southern corn rust portion. This Web site can help you ready a fungicide if
disease is imminent.


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