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Plant Early and Plant Often!

BECK’S Planting Date Study - 2014

Beck’s Hybrids PFR program
conducts more than 75 different studies across multiple locations (500+ acres) to learn how different management practices and new technologies perform in field environments. Simply put, it is research focused with the farmer in mind

To evaluate the performance of two hybrids planted on several dates throughout the growing season. The long term goal of this study is to gather several years of data to help our customers find the optimum planting date window for corn.

An overview of the 2014 corn planting season data tells us to plant early and plant often! The earliest we could plant corn at the Central Illinois PFR Center was the 2nd week of April, and what corn we planted that week was amazing to say the least. During this week of planting, the Central Illinois PFR Center had two hybrids that reached the 300 Bu./A. level, and this plot almost gave us a third and fourth. BECK 5385A3 and BECK 6175AMX™* fell short of 300 Bu./A. by just 2.0 and 7.8 Bu./A. respectively.

Figure 1 illustrates how planting date yields fell steadily each week after this 2nd week of April until our last planting near June 1st. During this time period, there was a 128 Bu./A. yield difference.

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