2012 crop progress in pictures

  • Contest

    Agriculture.com ran a contest this planting season, asking audience members to post photos of their crop progress. The variability caused by the severe drought brought photos of good, bad, and ugly crops, but their owners were good sports about the whole thing. We did name a winner, which came from northern Iowa. Find that and more in the following slides.

  • mike se il 1

    The only bean in 30 acres, said mike se il on August 10. "The photo was taken about 6 weeks after planting. The field looks like the day it was planted.  Virtually no rain, no weeds, the straw is almost the same color it was then."

  • smokeyjay 1

    "We were fortunate to have a 2.5-inch rain right before this picture was taken," said smokeyjay of his Kansas farm on July 17. "It looks more stressed now."

  • mike se il 2

    "Sundown in a double crop soybean field," said mike se il on July 3.

  • Hobbyfarmer

    Hobbyfarmer submitted this photo of his beans on June 16, days after spraying  the field.

  • mariahcreekfarms

    "Bringing in the wheat," said mariahcreekfarms of Knox County, Indiana on June 15.

  • smokeyjay 3

    "Will rain help?" asks smokeyjay of his soybean field on August 24.

  • Diamond173

    Diamond173 was pleased with his crop in western New York on July 23. "Good year to be on heavy ground," he said. The corn was planted on May 23rd and hadn't seen a lot of rain.

  • NateWCMN

    "Dad checking the oats - wish the corn looked this good!" said NateWCMN on July 17.

  • Blacksandfarmer

    Corn growth was stunted in southern Michigan, and that's apparent in this July 13 photo from Blacksandfarmer, of Bronson.

  • Smokeyjay 4

    Kansas wheat harvest was underway on July 3, according to this photo submitted by Smokeyjay.

  • Winner

    jrsiajdranch was the winner of the contest, submitting several photos of the soybean progress on his northern Iowa farm. Here, he and his son scout a bean field.

Here are some of the top photos from our 2012 crop progress photo contest.

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