5 Reasons to Scout

  • Stay Ahead

    Nerves are starting to flare as the end of May is quickly approaching. While the majority of corn has been planted and soybean acres are climbing, there are still a number of issues farmers need to keep a watchful eye on. Here are several things you'll want to stay ahead of this spring.

  • Soybean emergence

    "Some herbicides that we use can cause issues when the crop is emerging really slowly," says Emerson Nafziger, Extension agronomist at the University of Illinois. "Soybeans are always going to be a little more of a problem. It’s harder for them to come up if the soils are cool and there’s crusting. Soybeans don’t have the ability to emerge as unanimously as corn. We overplant in anticipation of that."

  • Weed control

    "The usual decisions about weed control may be a little bit more challenging. We haven’t had great opportunity to get out there with weed management programs,” says Bob Nielsen, Extension corn specialist at Purdue University. “Word to the wise, try to stay on top of those situations.”


  • Cool Weather & Herbicide Applications

    “You have to keep a close eye on weeds,” says Dave Mowers, agronomist at AIM for the Heartland located in Wyoming, IL. “Be mindful that herbicides have a hard time reaching their full potential because of the cool weather.”


  • Diseases

    Scout for soybean seedling diseases like Pythium due to the cool damp weather, says Bryan Arndorfer, CCA and owner of Precision Management Service in Bancroft, Iowa. The conditions will create an ideal environment for the disease. "Monitor it and see what kind of stand reduction you have," says Arndorfer. "Hopefully it wouldn’t get bad enough for replant."

  • Insects

    Craig Stevens, crop consultant with Ceres Solutions in Medaryville, IN, has heard of isolated reports of armyworms and black cutworms. All the more reason to get out and scout your fields.


There are a number of threats farmers need to keep a watchful eye on.

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