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The Climate Corporation Unveils New Products for 2014

The Climate Corporation, a San
Francisco-based weather data company, is offering two new services for 2014.


Climate Pro will help a farmer with
40 key decisions—mainly weather-related—that he or she annually makes, say
company officials. It will supplement Monsanto’s Field Scripts hybrid and agronomic
information with weather-related components. It will be sold through the
company’s network of crop insurance agents.

“It takes into account real-time
weather information,” says Tristan D’Orgeval, product director for The Climate

Climate Pro will give farmers recommendations
on planting, fertility, pests, harvest, and variable rate technology. “They can
buy it as a service, without having to buy an insurance policy,” says David
Friedberg, the firm’s CEO.  

Climate Pro is priced at $15 per acre.
Company officials say it can boost average profits for corn farmers over time
by $100 per acre.

“So rather than telling the farmer
what the weather is, we tell them the next step beyond the current weather
forecast. It anticipates problems before it impacts yield,” says Friedberg.

Climate Basic components include:


Planting Advisor.

This component helps farmers pick the
optimal planting date and relative maturity for hybrids planted in each field.
This is based on current conditions and projected seasonal weather.


Nitrogen Advisor.

This helps farmers more effectively
track crop available N and obtain information like sidedressing recommendations.

“It anticipates problems like nitrogen
deficiency before it cuts yield,” says Jim Ethington, vice president-product
for The Climate Corporation.  


Pest & Disease Advisor.

This includes
an index rating for where pests and diseases are most likely to occur in a
field. This helps prioritize scouting, say company officials.


Harvest Advisor.

This helps farmers predict when fields
are ready to harvest, based on maturity and grain moisture.


Variable Rate Advisor.

This aids farmers in checking
sub-field variability of each field so they can better plan variable rate


The website was the
precursor of the free Climate Basic product that’s being offered for 2014.

“Climate Basic is being produced in
the market for free, and additional tweaks and features have been added to it,”
says Friedberg.

Climate Basic features include
hyper-local field-level weather and forecasts. It also includes mobile tools
for scouting and other in-field activities. Company officials say this makes environmental
and agronomic data accessible and simple. 




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