Midwest Planting Update

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    The majority of the Midwest has had ideal planting conditions to start the season. The weather deserves most of the credit.

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    "This has been a unique spring because of how perfect the weather has been. There was a lot of spring work to do and we were blessed with the kind of spring where you could get a lot of work done,” says Lance Tarochione, Asgrow/Dekalb technical agronomist in Illinois.

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    Dry conditions allowed for fieldwork to be completed in Illinois. “When you make that first field pass when it’s a little on the wet side you set yourself up for problems all season long,” says Tarochione. “If I could write a script, I’d like to have a drought in April.”

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    On the other hand, if you’re waiting for perfect conditions, perfect may never come. But if you rush it, Mother Nature holds the trump cards, adds Tarochione.
    "In central Iowa we’ve caught a lot of rain," says Mark Jeschke, DuPont Pioneer agronomy research manager. "But we’re still within the optimum window."

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    There are still plenty of concerns to watch for this spring.
    I’m a little nervous about spring ammonia applications that went out. We haven’t had a lot of warm soils or moisture, and the warm wet soils convert the anhydrous to a useable form. I worry that we’ll see some ammonia burn, adds Tarochione.

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    Insect Pressure

    "If we can continue to stay dry, it’ll be another six weeks or so before we know what kind of insect pressure we’ll have," says Tarochione.

    A lot of growers saw reduced corn rootworm pressure last year. That's one pest growers will be paying attention to this year, says Jeschke.

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    Weed control
    "Some no-till fields will go from looking spotless to kind of OK to looking like a pasture," says Tarochione.
    Timely spring herbicide applications will be key to get a good start. Being vigilant from a weed control perspective is key.

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    I think by the end of the week we will be ahead of our long-term planting averages, says Jeschke. It causes optimism, which you have to have in agriculture.

Weather has caused ideal planting conditions in parts of the Midwest.

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