South Dakota Crops Hanging On Despite Little Rain

  • Soybeans in Roberts County, South Dakota

    “Soybeans are looking great after the recent rains,” says Jason Frerichs (Twitter: @jasonfrerichs).

    South Dakota soybeans are 97% emerged, which is well above the state’s five-year average emergence rate of 88%. As of Sunday, the USDA rates 48% of South Dakota corn as good to excellent, 36% as fair, and 16% as poor. 

  • Corn Near Northfield, Minnesota

    “The corn is looking good after a warm week and some light rain showers,” says Carol Peterson (Instagram: @carpet701). “This field has been sidedressed and sprayed with fungicide.”

    In Minnesota, an impressive 81% of the state’s corn is rated good to excellent. Minnesota has the lowest percentage of corn rated poor to very poor at only 2%, and 17% is rated fair. 

  • Corn in Daviess County, Indiana

    “We finally got the rain we have been needing. However, the corn on sand and hills is already beginning to curl up,” Ethan Clarke (Instagram: @the_ethan_clarke) says.

    According to the latest Crop Progress report, 45% of Indiana corn is rated good to excellent, 36% is rated fair, and 19% is rated poor to very poor.

  • Soybeans in Monroe City, Missouri

    “Hopefully, all the rain we got will get the rest of the beans out of the ground,” says Tyler Mudd (Instagram: @tmuddly17). “Starting wheat harvest this week.”

    According to the latest Crop Progress report, 81% of Missouri soybeans are emerged, which is quite a bit sooner than the 67% five-year average emergence rate in the state. As for quality, 63% are rated good to excellent, 31% are rated fair, and 6% of the state’s beans are rated poor to very poor.

  • Corn in Shadehill, South Dakota

    “This corn was planted May 20. We have been cold, windy, and short of moisture, but things are hanging in there pretty well,” says farmer Doug Ham. “We need a good rain as pastures are short and there will be very little hay.”

  • Corn in Morse Bluff, Nebraska

    “What a crazy week it has been! Storms Friday flipped upwards of 100 pivots in our county,” says Justin Mensik (Instagram: @justinmensik). “Luckily, the crops are all doing fine. We are currently spraying all postemergence on the fields.”

    In Nebraska, the USDA says 78% of the state’s corn is rated good to excellent, 18% is rated fair, and 4% is rated poor as of Sunday.

  • Soybeans Near Northfield, Minnesota

    “These soybeans planted three weeks ago were finally able to break through the ground after we had a few light showers,” says Carol Peterson (Instagram: @carpet701). “The growth in some of our fields is very uneven with patches that were replanted and areas like this where beans were slow to emerge.”

    The USDA says 97% of Minnesota’s soybean crop is emerged as of Sunday. As for crop quality so far, the latest Crop Progress report says 77% of Minnesota soybeans are in good to excellent condition, 20% are rated fair, and 3% are rated poor to very poor. 

  • Corn in Maxwell, Iowa

    “This is our first planted corn. It’s 4 feet tall,” says Rhonda Birchmier. “It’s setting brace roots. Beautiful.”

    In Iowa, 78% of the state’s corn is rated good or excellent, 18% is rated fair, and 4% is rated poor or very poor, according to the USDA’s latest Crop Progress report. 

  • Corn in Roberts County, South Dakota

    Farmer Jason Frerichs (Twitter: @jasonfrerichs) says his corn is looking great, although less than half of South Dakota’s corn crop is rated good to excellent by the USDA. Only 49% got the good to excellent stamp, 34% is rated fair, and 17% is considered to be in poor to very poor condition. 

  • Wheat in Nickerson, Kansas

    Geoffrey Burgess (Instagram: @geoffreyburgess) is harvesting his winter wheat in Kansas. The USDA says that the entirety of the winter wheat crop in Kansas is headed as of Sunday.

    The latest Crop Progress report says 22% of Kansas winter wheat is harvested already. Quality doesn’t look fantastic as the USDA says 23% is in poor to very poor condition, 31% is fair, and less than 50% (46%) is in good to excellent condition. 

  • Corn in Dakota, Minnesota

    Stacy Wolter, who’s located right beside the Minnesota-Wisconsin border, is more than happy with how her corn looks so far! 

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