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Study to Reduce Nitrogen Loss had $8.97/A.ROI

BECK’S Nitrogen Stabilizer Study - 2014
(Central IL, Central IN, KY, OH)
Each year many corn growers apply UAN liquid nitrogen in the spring as a part of their nitrogen program. This multi-location nitrogen stabilizer study evaluates three products that have the ability to reduce nitrogen losses that can occur from lack of incorporation, dry weather, or high velocity winds. All nitrogen enhancement products along with 180 lb. of nitrogen were surface applied pre-emerge.
When we evaluated this four location data, we received an average 6.5 Bu./A. yield benefit which equated to an $8.97/A. return on investment (ROI). Instinct is the only product we tested that does not protect against volatilization. However, in this pre-emerge applied study, it was our top-performing product in terms of yield gain and return on investment. This could be explained by the frequent rain events that occurred at all of our PFR sites throughout the 2014 growing season. The last two years all treatments were preplant incorporated, with this year being the first for surface applying pre-emerge. Figure 1 represents the last three years of multi-location yield gain and ROI for our Nitrogen Stabilizer Study. For specific location results, please refer to the Nitrogen Stabilizer Studies listed under each PFR site.

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