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Sponsored: The Starting Point of Success: Seed Treatment

Low commodity prices are a major hurdle for farmers as we look toward the 2017 planting season, and the only true counter measure to low market prices is high yields. There are hundreds of crop performance inputs available that can make you money in today’s market environment. But when you boil it down, the success of your season truly begins with the seed you put in the ground. 

Seed treatments can protect seedlings against insects and disease while providing improved plant stands, health, and overall yield. As farmers continue to trend toward earlier planting dates, conditions are often cold, wet and less than desirable making for slow-growing and lethargic plants that are susceptible to seedling pathogens. This means that protecting the seed with a seed treatment is proving to be even more valuable as it can provide the seedlings protection against inclement weather. 

Beck’s Practical Farm Research (PFR)® team continues to evaluate industry-leading seed treatments. The goal is to bring farmers the information they need to select the treatments that will offer the greatest possible advantage to the seed they plant. This seed treatment study has been conducted over multiple years at five of their six locations across the Midwest to assess the yield differences of Beck’s Escalate™ yield enhancement system on corn, compared to both an industry standard treatment system and an untreated control.

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For the second straight year, Escalate increased plant stands and yield over both the untreated control and the industry standard seed treatment. The multi-year, multi-location results continue to mirror what agronomists are seeing in farmer’s fields; that Escalate consistently provides improved seed protection, increased root and seedling growth, and plant health, ultimately leading to increased yields.

The two-year, multi-location yield advantage of Escalate over the untreated control was 16.2 Bu./A. In 2016 alone, Escalate provided an 8.3 Bu./A. yield increase over the control and a 3.4 Bu./A. increase over the industry standard treatment. 

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What’s more? All five of Beck’s PFR sites that conducted this study in 2016 saw significant yield increases with Escalate over the control and, in most cases, over the industry standard as well.

Escalate’s unique blend includes an industry-leading fungicide package and the highest rates of insecticide. Every kernel includes the optimum rate of Poncho® 1250 for season-long insect control and the added protection of VOTiVO® against nematodes. What really sets Escalate apart from the competition however is the biologicals and bio stimulant that is added to the mix.

Beck’s PFR research has proven, year after year, that Escalate outperforms the industry standard or untreated seed. Escalate provides farmers with the best protection against insects such as black cutworm, white grub and seedcorn maggot and the best defense against diseases such as Fusarium, Pythium and rhizoctonia. But it’s the added biologicals and bio stimulant that enhance and stimulate root and shoot growth that make it an industry-leading seed treatment.

Seed treatments can offer farmers peace of mind when they need it the most at planting season. With Escalate, farmers can go to the field with confidence knowing that they are maximizing their farm’s yield potential.

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Beck’s PFR is the largest source of unbiased, cutting-edge agronomic information in the industry. More than 110 different studies were conducted in 2016, comparing over 150 products across multiple locations to learn how different management practices and new technologies perform in field environments. In evaluating agronomic practices and input products, not comparing seed products, Beck’s PFR aims to help farmers maximize their input dollars and increase their bottom line. To view more studies from the 2016 PFR book, click here .

Practical Farm Research (PFR)® and Escalate™ are trademarks of Beck’s Superior Hybrids Inc. Poncho® and VOTiVO® are registered trademarks of Bayer.

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