Wyffels Hybrids 2014 Corn Strategies Conference

  • Welcome to Wyffels

    Wyffels Corn Hybrids, Geneseo, IL, experienced a year-on-year sales increase of 15% in 2014, according to company officials at its 2014 Corn Strategies Conference, held at Wild Rose Farms near Knoxville, IL.

  • Family Owned

    The family-owned business spans three generations, priding itself on “breeding corn, known corn, and concentrating on getting the best products back to farmers.”

  • Food and Fellowship

    A program featuring food, fellowship and information, the Corn Strategies Conference also offered visiting corn growers refreshing homemade ice cream.

  • Welcome Home, John

    Keynote Speaker John Block, a native of Galesburg, and former USDA Secretary under President Ronald Reagan, told attendees that he “took advantage of the opportunities that came my way.”

  • 'Married to the Soil'

    Despite a long career in politics and industry, former USDA Secretary John Block, a native of Galesburg, Il., “has been married to this black soil of Illinois all these years.”

  • Farming's Bright Future

    Demand for what farmers do is so strong, we have a very bright future,” former USDA Secretary John Block told growers at the Wyffels Hybrids’ Corn Strategies Conference near Knoxville, IL.

  • Be One of the Top 10

    Dr. David Kohl, ag econ professor emeritus at Virginia Tech, is optimistic that farmers can prosper, but the next few years will be tougher than the last 10. The nation’s top farmers generate 10% return on investment; the bottom less than 1%.

  • Be Better Before You Get Bigger

    Dr. Kohl told growers that understanding the business of farming is the key to sustained economic success. “Getting better is better before getting bigger is better.” The next 10 years will be volatile, giving farmers many opportunities to succeed – and to fail.

  • Vendors at Wyffels

    Vendors showcased the latest agriculture equipment at the Corn Strategies Conference, including tractors, planters, sprayers and combines from Birkey’s CaseIH.

  • Vendors at Wyffels

    Martin-Sullivan John Deere brought several pieces of equipment to display at Wyffels’ Corn Strategies Conference.

Hundreds of farmers gathered at Wild Rose Farms near Galesburg, IL for Wyffels Hybrid's 10th Corn Strategies Conference.

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