Xyway 3D fungicide from FMC promises protection from planting to harvest

Unique active ingredient provides ‘inside-out’ disease protection and healthier stalks and leaves.

Season-long disesase protection from a corn fungicide applied at planting? That’s the model for new Xyway 3D fungicide from FMC. 

Xyway 3D is the first and only at-plant corn fungicide to provide disease protection from planting to harvest – saving growers from an in-season fungicide application. The corn plant takes in Xyway 3D as needed throughout the season – what FMC calls “inside-out disease protection.” It combines the active ingredient flutriafol, claimed by FMC to be “the industry’s most systemic triazole fungicide,” with control of plant diseases from planting to harvest.

When soil-applied, flutriafol is taken up by plant roots and translocated throughout the plant, protecting the plant from diseases before they emerge and providing early, systemic, and long-lasting protection. Using Xyway in-furrow offers the same disease protection and yield as a foliar fungicide applied at the R1 growth stage, with disease protection lasting more than 120 days after planting, with excellent stay-green and stalk health, says Gail Stratman, FMC regional technical service manager. 

“That’s only possible because of the unique properties of flutriafol including how it stays near the root zone, is highly systemic, and is xylem-mobile. Every time the plant transpires, it pulls water, nutrients, and flutriafol from the soil and transports them via the xylem to green tissues, protecting the plant from the inside-out before diseases emerge. That’s very different from a foliar fungicide or a seed treatment,” Stratman says.

“The uniqueness of flutriafol is that it combines high residual and high plant mobility,” says Bruce Stripling, FMC regional technical service manager. “No other active ingredient has that.” 

In research trials, flutriafol shows efficacy against gray leaf spot, Northern corn leaf blight, and common rust. Late-season disease severity ratings averaged for those three diseases across multiple trials were half that of the untreated check and statistically equivalent to competitive foliar treatments. Here are some results:

  • Across the Mid-South, multiple research trials on formulations of Xyway brand fungicides yielded 13.7 bu/A more on average than the untreated check, and yields were statistically the same as competitive R1 foliar treatments of Trivapro or Headline AMP fungicides. 
  • Across 42 U.S. trials in 2019, tests on formulations of Xyway brand fungicides averaged an extra 8 bu/A compared to the untreated check. 

Xyway brand fungicides will be available commercially for the 2021 growing season. Xyway 3D fungicide is formulated exclusively for the 3RIVE 3D in-furrow application system, which allows growers to cover more ground in less time with fewer refills. It has received EPA registration for foliar disease protection from gray leaf spot, Southern corn leaf blight, Northern corn leaf blight, common rust, head smut, and common smut.

Furthermore, FMC has an additional formulation with registration pending with the EPA. Xyway LFR fungicide is formulated for use with liquid fertilizer application systems. The EPA registration for Xyway LFR fungicide is anticipated in the fourth quarter of 2020. FMC is seeking registration for the same disease spectrum as Xyway 3D fungicide. 

Growers and researchers also report more robust roots in corn treated with Xyway brand fungicides. An FMC trial documented 51% longer roots, 32% greater root surface area, 60% more root forks, and 15% more root volume in corn treated with Xyway 3D fungicide than in the untreated check. A more robust root system improves the plant’s capacity to absorb water and nutrients and maximize yields. 

The length of residual and the inside-out disease protection from the active ingredient in Xyway brand fungicides, flutriafol, could fundamentally change how growers manage disease, according to Kianna Wilson, the U.S. fungicide product manager for FMC. She is excited FMC is bringing this new technology to growers. “We understand growers want to protect their plants from day one, ahead of disease onset. Scouting and treating can be time-consuming and timing-sensitive. Many growers will find it very attractive to apply a Xyway brand fungicide in one pass at-plant and get the same level of protection and yield response as with foliar fungicides,” says Kianna Wilson, U.S. fungicide product manager for FMC. 

Flutriafol is a member of FRAC Group 3 and is a demethylation inhibitor (DMI). It is the foundation for several important FMC foliar fungicide products for row and specialty crops.

FMC announced the launch of Xyway 3D fungicide August 25, with liquid fertilizer ready (LFR) and 3RIVE formulations available for the 2021 growing season. 

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