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Illinois PFR Cover Crop Study | Hagie Airscout Interseeding

Cover crops are one of the biggest trends in the ag industry right
now. Beck's Practical Farm Research (PFR)® 

conducting a number of agronomic trials to test cover crops and provide our
customers with the research and data they need to make sound management
decisions. Why test cover crops? Research shows that planting cover crops can
help control erosion, drill through soil density layers and compaction in the
field, and offer nutrient sequestration. PFR Innovation Lead, Jason Webster,
details one of the studies we are conducting at our PFR site right now.

value can interseeding cover crops offer farmers? Check out the video below to
learn more about the high clearance Hagie that Beck's PFR team is using to
interseed cover crops on standing corn and soybean crops

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