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Photos: Spring Activity

  • Cold Temperatures

    Cold temperatures this spring have kept farmers out of the field. But, if you look hard enough, you can still find activity along the countryside.

  • Cover Crops

    This cover crop of cereal rye, aerial seeded last August, has new growth after a long, cold winter in central Iowa. The cover crop was planted because the field has highly-erodible soil.

  • Loading the Drill

    Jerry Long, a farmer from Maxwell, Iowa, loads oat seed into his drill.

  • Drilling Oats

    Longs didn’t let the cold stop them from drilling oats. Early planting of oats is critical for high yields and grain quality.

  • Bulldozer

    A bulldozer sits idle after being used in early-spring fieldwork.

  • Fence

    These farmers work to clear the edge of a newly purchased field in preparation to install a fence to separate the field and pasture.

Cold temperatures can't hault all activity.

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