Agronomy Tip: Detect and Monitor Insect or Disease Presence

Much like human health, in crops, the earlier you determine that a disease is present, the greater success you’ll have to combat it and salvage the crop yield.

Aaron Burke, Director of Central U.S. Crops with Atticus Crop Protection, says the number one activity to help manage disease is to scout.

“Whether you do it yourself or work with a local retailer, there is no substitute for being out in the fields evaluating the crop,” Burke says.

By scouting, you can look at the crop structure, see the health of the leaves, and identify new growth. Burke says some technology like software and imaging programs are useful tools that create efficiencies, but it’s still best to scout in person.

In addition, he shares resources that can help you research current disease pressure in your area:

  • Extension websites from any state likely have local and regional information about disease pressure. They can include: current information about what diseases are present (and where), threshold values, and recommendations for treatments.
  • Extension professionals on Twitter share quick updates by location, which can give you a pulse on the conditions regionally and even down to your county.
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