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EPA Expands Enlist Duo Registration

Registration for herbicide containing new 2,4-D formulation in new herbicide-tolerant system is expanded from 15 to 34 states.

The EPA has expanded the geography of the low-volatile herbicide formulation for the Enlist weed-control system. Enlist Duo can now be applied in 34 states, up from 15. Dow AgroSciences officials say this means that Enlist Duo can be applied to Enlist corn and soybeans on most U.S. acres, once all necessary state registrations are received. The EPA also has registered Enlist Duo herbicide for use on Enlist cotton. 

Enlist Duo is a combination of glyphosate and a new 2,4-D formulation, 2,4-D choline. This formulation has lower volatility than existing 2,4-D formulations, such as 2,4-D ester and 2,4-D amine, say Dow officials. Any 2,4-D formulations in the Enlist weed-control system other than Enlist Duo are off label and will not be backed by Dow AgroSciences, the system’s developer.

Dow officials say Enlist Duo and its Colex-D technology provides four benefits to farmers that include:

  • Minimized potential for physical drift. Compared with a tank mix of traditional 2,4-D and glyphosate, Enlist Duo reduces physical drift by up to 90% when applied with a low-drift nozzle.
  • Near-zero volatility. With new 2,4-D choline, volatility is reduced by 96% compared with 2,4-D ester.
  • Low odor.       
  • Improved handling characteristics.
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