Fieldwork is following completed harvest activity

XtremeAg farmers Kevin Matthews, Kelly Garrett, and Matt Miles share the current happenings on their farms. As has been the case this fall, they continue to battle with the weather to finish up the harvest. They are also preparing the fields for planting season with soil sampling, data collection, and analysis.

Kelly Garrett - Arion, Iowa

A fifth-generation farmer, Kelly Garrett farms corn, soybeans, and winter wheat in western Iowa.

We are over halfway through corn harvest. The corn that was hailed on by the derecho ranged from about 150 to 180 bushels per acre, and the area that had minimal hail damage is ranging from 200 to 220 bushels per acre.

We’re trying to make some headway on the breakdown of corn stover over the winter since we think it’s affecting soybean emergence in the following season. We are following up behind the combines with a highly acidic plant food product and a few biologicals to see if we can increase the rate of residue breakdown before planting next spring.

We are also working with Next Level Ag to analyze our soil samples and determine a base saturation level for next spring.

Moving corn from the green combine to the white wagon
Photo credit: XtremeAg

Kevin Matthews - East Bend, North Carolina

Kevin and his wife, Cindy, own and operate Matthews Family Farms of North Carolina, Inc., Precision Nutrient Management, Inc., and Deep Creek Grain, Inc. in East Bend and Yadkinville.

The weather is forecasted to be dry over the next week, and our combines are finally rolling hard in both soybeans and corn. The yield numbers are holding steady over all of our fields.

At the same time, we are analyzing all of our test plot data to determine which practices resulted in the highest yields and more importantly, the highest ROI. We look forward to sharing all of the information and data with our members later this fall.

The intensity of soil sampling is rivaling the intensity of our harvest operation as we need to get all of our data from the soil ahead of our small grain being sown. Field repairs are still taking place directly behind the combines, and we’re fixing washes from the heavy rainfall events earlier in the season. We spend a great amount of time every fall making sure the field is ready for the next growing season.

Because we needed to dodge the weather this harvest season, we’ve been able to cover more acres per day due to the increased groundspeed enabled with the installation of our new XPR2 concaves from XtremeAg partner, Estes Performance Concaves. We are seeing little to no volunteer corn left behind the combines, either.

With running long hours, we pray for everyone’s safety this 2020 harvest.

Matt Miles - McGehee, Arkansas

Farmer Matt Miles of Xtreme Ag
Photo credit: Xtreme Ag
Matt is a fourth-generation farmer in southeast Arkansas who grows corn, soybeans, rice, and cotton.

Seems like this year all I talk much about is the storms that have ripped through the Gulf. Well, it’s happened again. Hurricane Delta came through last week with another 4 to 6 inches of rain and high straight-line winds. This is the third major storm we’ve dealt with this harvest. I’ve experienced two before, but three in one fall is a first.

Our cotton harvest is probably 30% to 50% complete with Hurricane Delta taking 10% to 20% of the remaining cotton to the ground. Yields were really good before the storm but will end up average as a result of the storms.

Soybeans are 50% to 60% harvested with an average to above-average yield so far.

Corn and rice have been completed with average yields as well.

It is extremely wet here with ruts being made in most fields from the combines. We need a dry winter and spring to get things back to normal, but then again, I am not sure after 2020 what normal means anymore. Good luck and stay safe.

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