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Funding the Future of Agriculture

FarmTogether Enrolls Acres in Leading Harvest’s Sustainable Farmland Management Standard

FarmTogether, an online marketplace that enables individuals to invest in U.S. farmland, has committed 100% of its acres to certify to the Leading Harvest Farmland Management Standard.

Leading Harvest’s standard certification program provides the framework for widespread adoption of sustainable farmland management through a set of certifiable and measurable stewardship results.

The outcomes-based program covers objectives spanning environmental, social, and economic issues, from soil health, energy use, air quality, water management, and fair labor, to reducing impacts on climate change.

Each objective consists of Performance Measures and Indicators that provide specific guidance for reporting and compliance, certified through a rigorous, third-party auditing process.

“FarmTogether recognizes the enormous potential of sustainable farmland management practices. After years of careful consideration, research, and broad stakeholder engagement, Leading Harvest has created a standard that encapsulates the breadth and depth of measurable sustainable farmland management practices,” David Chan, COO of FarmTogether, says. “We are excited to partner with a thought leader like Leading Harvest to advance the adoption of sustainable agriculture.”

FarmTogether’s end-to-end platform allows investors to browse carefully vetted farmland investments, review due diligence materials, invest in properties, and sign legal documents all in a secure online environment.

By investing in farmland with FarmTogether, investors fund innovative and sustainable farming practices and drive real solutions to climate change, while earning strong returns in the process.

“Leading Harvest provides programs that offer a more rational, credible, and scalable approach to sustainability assurance and verification. We are thrilled to partner with organizations, like FarmTogether, that are at the leading edge of agricultural sustainability and represent new models for the future of the industry,” Kenny Fahey, Executive Director of Leading Harvest says. “FarmTogether’s commitment to technology-enabled investing that creates financial returns through sustainable management demonstrates that economic, social, and environmental outcomes go hand-in-hand.”

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